Friday, 26 April 2013

System of bonuses and commissions on business very simple and easy to be understood by all levels of society. Stiforp bonus provided by a diverse and large enough if the results are incorporated in a single month, you can even produce a bonus of up to $ 8,000 more per month. Wow!

How you can earn a substantial income from running a business,? Of course you have to sign up and do the lock position or become a member or be a paid upgrade in
Therefore, Stiforp has a powerful compensation plan to help you get MORE results. In fact, you can earn up to $ 2,047.50 - $ 8,000 per MONTH even if you do not get or enrolling a single person!
How to do the Lock position or Paid Member in there are 2 way:

* Perform payment through account of the Payza for: $ 99.95 + $ 50 upgrade = $ 149.95 (Cost 1 Year:
* Using CC (Credit Card) for Members Monthly Yearly but could also, ie: $ 9.95 + $ 40 upgrade = $ 49.95.
So for the next monthly or annual fee sufficient to pay principal only, ie for the Annual Member cost = $ 99.95, and for the Members Monthly = $ 9.95
For owners Payza account, bonus payments will go straight into your account Payza (without going through withdrawal / withdrawal) are:

* Retail Bonus paid weekly on Thursdays, and
* All commissions are paid first Thursday of every month
Sources of Business Income you
Powerline Bonuses
One of the most interesting parts of Stiforp Compensation Plan is that you can start earning simply by lock position (upgrade Paid Member).
You will be paid on the first 3 people under you in the powerline, just by locking in your position. This suggests that Stiforp provide the FASTEST PAYING compensation.See in the picture:

Fast Start BonusesYou will be paid to every member who makes a lock down your network position to a depth of 3 levels, with calculation:- Enroller Bonus = $ 25- Second Generation = $ 2- Third Generation = $ 1But if you have status 4 or 5 then you will get an extra bonus, namely:- 4 Star Infinity Override = $ 1- 5 Star Infinity Override = $ 1See in the picture:Matrix CommissionsIf you choose Upgrade or a Paid Member on a monthly basis, then you do not get ranked (unranked), and was only given 2 x 12 matrix,But if you choose Upgrade or Paid members on an annual basis then you will immediately get a 3 star rank, and given 2 x 14 matrix bonusSee in the picture:Matching BonusesIf your network is already built 2 x 14, then we will get 50% of our total income members, is that most large. Of the entire bonus was going to be a guarantee we get $ 2,047.50 to $ 8,191.50 per month. Full network can not because of our own work, this is great Full System Automatic Spillover recruiting and placing 100% members are automatically in our matrix.We only get a minimum of 2 paid members wrote, then the excess upline and downline members will be placed under our matrix diagram that is empty.
As an example I took from the Annual Member (3), then the bonus will be accepted:
- 50% of all enrolled- 20% of each level 2- 10% of each level 3

If you would like to learn more about, please download Percentage below.In Format: Percentage power point or pdf

Rating Progress1 Star -

2 Active Distributors Must Have Personally Registered
2 Star -

Must Have a private Registered Active 2 1 OR Distributor
12 Must Have Personally Registered Active Distributors

2 Star Leaders must also maintain at least 15 active distributors in their enroller tree.3 Star -

Must Have 2 Active 2 Personal Registered Distributor OR
30 Must Have Personally Registered Active Distributors.
3 Star Leaders must also maintain at least 50 active distributors in their enroller tree.4 Star -

Must Have 2 Off 3 Private Registered Distributor OR
100 Must Have Personally Registered Active Distributors
4 Star leaders also must maintain a minimum of 150 active distributors in their enroller tree.5 Star -

Must Have Registered Active 2 personal 4 OR Distributor
300 Must Have Personally Registered Active Distributors
5 Star Leaders must also maintain at least 500 active distributors in their enroller tree.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORK, LET THE SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR YOU!To Register, Click Here NowYou can Sign Up Free first, Test Drive Upgrade and pay a few days later. Lock your position now, please sign up here:

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