Friday, 26 April 2013

how to register a new member

How to Register a New Member! Once you become a member or a paid upgrade-member Stiforp you will have a lot of facilities that are provided in your member area at Stiforp and one of them is you can register the relatives, friends, family and acquaintances or other people around you right from Stiforp your member area. All those who have registered after the upgrade will be your direct referrals.

Here's how and the steps to register the candidates unruk direct referrals through your members area:1) Login to your account Stiforp, then find the "My Stiforp Website Addresses" on the left under Personal Info.2) Click the button, and there are various kinds of prospects to your website in various languages.
Select the "Indonesian" as shown below:

3) Then you will be directed to your website in Indonesian language.Attention!make sure that you are a sponsor. The way you look on the right side of the website is written, your name, accompanied by a congratulatory as follows :: "Welcome to the Website of Your Name" Example of your personal website address is: http://username the example image below existing website yellow arrow:

And you just fill in your friends data (Full name as ID, email addresses are frequently opened and no HP) in the column that is circled red circle above. That way you have registered you as a friend Free member on your links in Stiforp.Important!! Make sure you register your friend on a personal website that is your name in the upper right corner, otherwise it will later fall to sponsor someone else :))4) Once registered, your friend's name will appear in the "Contact Manager" Stiforp your account. If a friend has not shown up means you are not registered correctly.5) After that Stiforp center will send you an email as confirmation of registration of your friends. Remind your friend to confirm the email.6) Next you just point your friend to upgrade his membership. Guidance upgrade on the right side of this blog.7) Finish. And do the steps above to register your friends 2 others on your sponsor.To Register, Click Here click hereYou can Sign Up Free first, Test Drive Upgrade and pay a few days later. Lock your position now, please sign up here

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