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How to Upgrade to Paid Member Stiforp: The first time you sign in stiforp, your status still existed as a Free Member. Therefore you MUST IMMEDIATELY do upgrade your status from being a Free Member Paid Member. The status of the upgrade process should be done so that you immediately get Spillover from upline and receive bonuses.

If you have not registered yet, please register via agara you have the support or the support of a successful team after signing up please log in and sign up through your member area Sponsored Links are available there for you to register in
Payment of the cost of upgrading can be done in several ways by using:

1. By Credit Card (Recommended)
2. Credit Wallet with Stiforp;
3. With Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Visa type.
Package Which One is Best?
Package is the best selling and best Package One Year $ 150 (Rp1, 5 million) so that:

Your account will be activated immediately for A YEAR. So you do not need to do every month extension. You just have to concentrate to do each day WEBSITE PROMOTION.
You will also be able to instantly level 3 STAR that will make you deserve the maximum bonus to 14 Level Matrix. This opportunity is extraordinary if your network has reached that level to 14, your income will reach USD8000 (Rp.80 million) per month. Wow!!! Hard to believe ... but it's true .. I myself have seen their income that debuted in STIFORP worldwide.
The Caran conduct of a Free Member Upgrade to Paid Member made through the Member Area, follow the following instructions below. Prior to Perform Upgrade, you should see Video How to Upgrade a Free Member to be Paid in Stiforp following members:
A. UPGRADE USING CREDIT CARD:Video How to Upgrade a Free Member Paid Member Using creditcard
B. UPGRADE USING CREDIT WALLET STIFOEP:Video How to Upgrade a Free Member Become a Paid Member Using Credit Wallet Stiforp:C. UPGRADE USING VISA VCC:Before doing activation you MUST already have VCC (VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD) Visa type. The following is an example Data VCC Visa:EXAMPLE VCCVCC = No. 16 Digit Visa (xxxxxxxxxx), Term (06/13), 3-digit pin (xxx)

If you buy it you CAN NOT HAVE Online. You can buy VCC or Virtual Credit Card Seller in advance at the VCC in the following websites:TO PURCHASE "VCC VISA" PLEASE CLICK THE FOLLOWING WEB ADDRESS:
AND REMEMBER! Your VISA ONLY Buy VCC type on the site they will be to Perform Upgrade Being Paid Member in Stiforp. Your sponsor is Team NOT THE OTHER.Seller Contact Address:YM / Email: palupi_dewi@ymail.comSMS: 0857.31.558.101BB PIN: 27D730BFVCC PRICE PER VALUE:$ 10 = Rp145.000$ 20 = Rp255.000$ 30 = Rp365.000$ 40 = Rp480.000$ 50 = Rp595.000$ 60 = Rp715.000$ 100 = Rp1.180.000$ 150 = Rp1.762.000Payment Method1. How to Confirm Payment Through:Yahoo Messenger / SMS / Email / BBM / Online Chat / Facebook *:Payment Confirmation Format:name of the account holder transfers # # number of your bank to our bank # free # type your email which you purchased VCC
2. Example:Vonny Laksmi Susanto # 80017 # SELF SELF to # # vcc paypal
3. Add 2-free numbers:for example, you select 2-free number "17":the transfer of: Rp80.017, -


Andy KurniawanIndependent

Ari KurniawanBNI 46

Nanik mother SetiowatiBRI

Andy KurniawanLR
U7341086LR MEMO: EMAIL your(Do not fill other words)
Goddess PalupiIF YOU ALREADY HAVE VCC PLEASE CLICK JOIN / JOINNow, Please LOGIN to your Member Area at To Perform UPGRADE or click the following links:
Then follow the instructions, See Figure 1 below is an explanation:1. Login as a Pre-enrollee by entering your email and click Login.2. After being in the Back Office click JOIN above on the right.3. Fill / Edit your Personal Info.Your data in Personal Info typically been filled in automatically as you fill out previously when registering as a Free Member. You can amend and supplement the Personal info if needed.4. Fill in your username. This username will be address of your Web Replication later. Your username eg "business" then the web address of your replica is the future is as follows: Determine / create your password.6. Select Option 1 to Option 2 payments a month or a year for payment.

* Payment of USD49 a month, 95 month and subsequent extension of USD9, 95.
* Payment of USD149 a year, 95 next year and the extension of USD99, 95.
7. Fill in the information Credircard / Credit Card or VCC you are running. If you use it on the field VCC Name on Card please disikan your name with Personal Info above. Next to Credit Card Type if selected please use VCC VISA.8. Complete your home address. For stuffing State / Province Please adjust the Provincial area code (Figure 2) where you live. Province area code in Indonesia is like the picture at the bottom of this page.9. Give a check in both boxes.
The first statement of our willingness to pay a membership fee that has been set Stiforp and willingness to pay for the next month and we can opt out at any time Stiforp.The second statement of our willingness to follow all policies and procedures established by Stiforp.10. Click the SUBMIT button.Figure 1: How to Upgrade StatusOnce your registration is received by Stiforp, you can login to the member area using Stiforp with STIFORP ID is your Username and password you specified earlier during the upgrade process. I will mentor you how to get started with STIFORP bisnes using the ID.Important steps you should do after an upgrade as Paid Member:1. Upline contact you via SMS, see the data in the menu My Enroller on your back office for consultation or inquire.2. Perform order Payoneer Debit Card - Stiforp. Please read the manual guide mengorder way Payoneer debit card;3. Please note and remember your replicas Web address (Landing Page) that either have been provided by the web and by this support. Please log in your back office and see the URL link in the sidebar menu "My Stiforp Website Addresses". While the replica on the web web support please see the URL link in your Member Area;4. Promotions do to recruit free member (Pre-enrollee) by using your Web Replication (Landing Page) is. The way to do promotions can be found in the Member Area on the web support Promotion TipsNote:We suggest to you to do the promotion. If you do not already know how to please learn the material we had prepared in the Member Area Web Support. Please contact your upline for a consultation or can also contact Admin many more steps and you'll learn later after so Paid Member. But do not worry ... because team will assist you later. Besides, we have prepared a supporting system that will help you to achieve success with us in this Stiforp business even if you do not have the knowledge and previous experience in the IT field.To Register, Click Here NowYou can Sign Up Free first, Test Drive Upgrade and pay a few days later. Lock your position now, please sign up here:

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